About the Cherished Futures Collaborative

Building a Cadre of Clinical and Community Leaders for Change

Uniting Clinical and
Community Leaders

Cherished Futures brings together decision-makers from local hospitals, public health departments, health plans, and Black community leaders. Together, we co-design systems-change solutions at the clinical, institutional, and community levels. The collaborative provides a unique space where different sector leaders can move through difficult conversations while learning from each other. 

Cherished Futures is a two-year, cohort experience that focuses on institutional accountability and redefining the narrative about Black birthing families in Los Angeles.


The capacity-building year prepares teams for action through a series of workshops and technical assistance sessions.  Together, we examine anti-Black racism as a root cause of unequal medical treatment and birth outcomes, its impact on Black bodies.


We explore clinical and community data, discuss systems-change strategies and regional collaboration opportunities. The year concludes with hospital teams developing actionable, community-informed implementation plans across 3 domains: clinical, institutional, and community.  


The implementation year puts hospital plans into action. We support successful change processes through a series of learning convenings, technical assistance, and coaching sessions, and storytelling.



A Two-Year
Cohort Experience

Cherished Futures 2022-23 Hospital Cohort

Cherished Futures is thrilled to welcome a new cohort of hospitals to engage in systems-level change in LA County! These hospitals collectively serve a significant proportion of Black birthing families across Los Angeles County and represent an exciting opportunity to create a large-scale impact towards birth equity.


Hospitals from Cherished Futures Cohort 1 (2020-21) and Cohort 2 (2022-23)

represent approximately 45%​ of Black births in LA County.

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“Working with [Cherished Futures] has made it easier to discuss items surrounding race with employees and physicians.”
- Cohort 1 Hospital Team Member

Celebrating Cherished Futures Cohort 1: 2020-2021


Collaborative Members and Partners

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